Fact is what we are told about an action, a constructed truth, but reality is what an action really is! Reality is not just what we perceive to be true, but what is actually true. The school, pupils and management staffs of Whanyinna Nursery and Primary School, Makoko, Lagos Nigeria, popularly known as Makoko floating school, truly experienced Reality laced with genuine love and a heart for change as they welcome Nero Asibelua Foundation (NAF) in celebration of the 2015 Children Day. NAF founder Mr. Nero Asibelua has over the year, silently being in the charitable cause –supporting widows and widowers, awarding scholarships to deserving students and expending his resources on humanity.


“We all have obligations, for our country to progress successfully through the processes of genuine development; right from the tiniest home to the throne of power in Abuja”. These are the words of Nero Asibelua, a businessman, and philanthropist and the founder of Nero Asibelua Foundation. Uncle Nero as fondly called by many, reiterates how love could be the only thing Nigerians need in all their dealings. He broke the veil of his silence during a get-together in honour of widows and orphans at the Golden Gate Hotel in Lagos, which held on the 4th of October 2014. Mr Nero Asibelua as he preferred to be addresses, said “Let no body undermine his or her fellow human, let’s support one another with love. It’s only with love that we could progress, let us stop cynic criticism; either to ourselves, others or the government.” He continued by commending the government of President Goodlock Jonathan for painstakingly creating successes that positively affect the common man. In his words “President Jonathan is a success story that our youth can emulate, from a humble background to becoming one of the historical president of our country –it simply shows that there is still hope in Nigeria”.

From paintings to music, from writing to weaving, we celebrate life through the arts. Experience your world through different artistic media and see for yourself what Nero Asibelua Foundation’s vibrant arts community has to offer.

The Nero Asibelua Foundation helps to unleash the potential of every artist through funding, arts promotion, and capacity-building services.

With the same passion as our artists, we provide behind-the-scenes support to artists and arts organizations, giving them the power to inspire minds, encourage expression, foster creativity, and have a positive contribution on their economy.

So whether you are an artist or just a lover of the arts and want to learn more, we can help you in your pursuit of artistic expression.

Whether it be Computer Arts, Crafts, Film, Literature, Poetry, Performance Art, Printmaking, Drawing, Artists Books, Sculpture, Music Composition, Painting or Photography the arts are active in our community.